TERM 2: The End

This is the end, my friend (of the classes) So, the final term finished...finally. I'm not going to lie. This term was more of a struggle than last, particularly near the end. … [Read More...]


TERM 2: Week 9

Presenting and Planning FICTION2: This week it was my turn to do a presentation in Fiction 2. The book was Nicholson Baker's A Box of Matches, and I had to look at it from the … [Read More...]


TERM 2: Week 8

OCHO FICTION 2 This week the topic of discussion was voice. We had read Helen DeWitt's Lightning Rods, and while a student was giving a short presentation of the book, I wrote … [Read More...]



Week 4:

ROUND UP Happy Thursday, time for a round up of what was happening on the creative writing MA this week. CREATIVE WRITING 1 This week we were critiquing four more students, … [Read More...]


Week 6 & 7

ROUND UP Hello everyone, sorry to disappear last week. It was reading week at university, or rather "writing week" for us Creative Writing students, so I had no classes to let … [Read More...]


Start next week!

BEFORE STARTING The course starts next week and we have been given information on the timetable and classes. We have four hours a week of class time, which seems quite thin, … [Read More...]


Week 10 & 11

TERM 1 - OVER AND OUT It's all over! The first term on the Creative Writing Master's at the university of Kent 2013 is done and (not quite) dusted. I've had 18,000 words … [Read More...]


Week 2:

ROUND UP This week made me feel good about writing again. I went through my project, which still has enough mystery to make me want to follow through and see where it is going, … [Read More...]


Week 5:

ROUND UP Hi everyone, and apologies for the late update to the blog! Thankfully, there isn’t that much to catch up on in terms of classes. CREATIVE WRITING 1 had it’s reading … [Read More...]